New Project Alert: Scardy Cap, A Short Film

New Project Alert! Do YOU like animation? Do YOU like super dope characters, monsters, and mysteries? Well, we have a brand new project to share with you! From the minds of Nick Raith (Animation Success Stories Podcast member, animator on Regular Show Movie, animator on Uncle Grandpa special guest director episode, and animator on America’s Funniest Home Videos season 28) and Brendon Gillas (creator of Pig and a Blanket, animator for Trip Tank), we have Scardy Cap! An animated short film which will combine urban legends, mysteries and Saturday morning cartoons, to create a truly unique animation experience.

Scardy Cap is about a trio of mystery solving teens staring Scardy Cap the edgy boy with a crafty skillset and street smarts, Dirk the Paranormal Investigator a text book nerd who always gets in over his head and Su Spot, a self proclaimed “Ghost Whisperer” who says she can see the dead and knows everyone around town. They search the city and solve local urban mysteries about ghosts, monsters and anything else paranormal.

Words can only do so much, so check out the page to meet the rest of this amazing team and even more artwork and animations right HERE!

This super creative group of people are truly something you gotta keep an eye out for. Big things will be happening. I’m loving their strange and unique content on their social networks for 12Animation so I hope you give them a look. There are so many ways to support, follow or back their Seed and Spark page to make this project happen and get amazing perks, share this article, or follow 12Animation to view their other amazing and fun videos for FREE on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, or YOUTUBE!

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