Gas Poisoning Takes The Life Of 2 Americans In Baja California

Two Americans were found dead in a hotel room this Tuesday in Baja California. While there has been a lot of violence along the border in recent months which has frightened tourism to Mexico, and the border communities like San Diego in the States, this unfortunate death was the result of the inhalation of gas.

The hotel was located in the town of El Pescadero near the resort town of Los Cabos.

While U.S. officials are aware of the case but provided no official comment on the matter or the affected U.S. Citizens.

Gas or Carbon Monoxide poisoning is not uncommon in Mexico, due to lack of inspections of the properties and their appliances, such as stoves and heaters. In fact, late last year three other U.S. Citizens were found dead in rented apartments in Mexico under similar gas inhalation situations.

It’s common that gas line installations are poor in these resort areas, which are made worse by the lack of monitoring devices as they are not required by the law.

Just remember to be safe out there, and if you smell gas, or feel light headed, be aware there might be a problem with your rental. Additionally, keeping windows open, when safe, is always a good idea.

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