Check Out The Bundleworks Factory At SDCC 2022

Are you a current customer of Hulu, Disney+, or ESPN?

Regardless of your status with the streamers, at San Diego Comic-Con, Disney invited all to their themed activation. The point of the activation was to give out swag for their properties and shows, while also showing off Disney’s bundle of the three streaming platforms.

The Bundleworks Factory activation allowed fans and attendees to learn a little bit more about the bundle options from the company while at the same time enjoying carnival-esc games and potential prizes.

Games at the activation included ring toss, slingshot, plinko, beanbag toss, and wheel of fortune.

Included with entry into the experience was a ticket so everyone walked away with a metal lunchbox, while supplies lasted of course. You could also earn other tickets from the carnival games. With these tickets you were able to pick up awesome prizes like ESPN cornhole, Miss Marvel lanyards, Star Wars pins, themed mugs, themed shirts, and themed hats from all your favorite shows.

After you were done with the Bundleworks Factory you exited through the breakroom, and were treated to slushy with toppings. They had some interesting flavors and a lot of goodies you could put on top like cereal, gummies, and boba.

If you missed out on this experience, you could always see what it looked like by watching our video!

What bundle options from Disney to you own?

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