Sony Is Entering The Drone Space With Airpeak S1

The drone space is full of a myriad of users and products. From the unskilled all the way to the film industry. It’s sometimes hard to know if a drone is going to meet the needs that you the user need. If you are a professional though, you run the risk of getting the wrong drone for your needs. If you primarily film with Sony Alpha cameras then you have to usually step down to what ever camera system the drone you are using is able to handle.

Thanks to Sony, that isn’t an issue any more. Sony has announced their first drone to enter the marketplace, and it’s designed with professionals in mind, and specifically Sony product using professionals. The Airpeak S1 is the smallest drone that can be equipped with a full-size mirrorless Alpha camera, and with the Alpha’s interchangeable lenses, your options for use become very broad!

Sony doesn’t skimp on tech though so lets share some of the Airpeak S1 capabilities:

A proprietary motor, propeller, control system and image sensing technology.
Advanced remote controller that can support the taking high-quality aerial images and control of the aircraft.
Obstacle detection built into the system.
Automatic flight control.
Cloud management of the aircraft and flight information.
Maximum speed of 55 mph.
Wind resistance in up to 44.7 mph wind speeds.
Maximum angular velocity of 180°.
Maximum tilt angle of 55°.
Dual operation system.

One of the most impressive systems is how it keeps itself stable from flight and wind speeds, how it does it is image sensors located in five places throughout the drone. The system processes all five points of data without draining the battery to adjust and work in tandem with the drone’s flight control system to insure smooth flights, and therefore smooth footage. The image sensors can also reconize obstacles in the way to decelerate and stop to prevent collisions. When you see the price point, you can understand why it’s so important that the device doesn’t crash easily.

We also want to talk a bit about the dual operation mode, this is really cool option for a professional set up. Why have one user manage the drone, and be forced to try to worry about the shot. With the dual mode a user can fly the drone, while another user makes sure to get the best shot possible.

The drone itself comes with two pairs of propellers, the remote control, two batteries and the charger, but the gimbal will be sold seperately and additional accidental damage coverage can be purchased by the user. While most companies do not give damage protection with drones, due to the high quality protection system of the Airpeak S1, Sony feels secure in their decision, but I am sure that they have conditions of coverage.

The Airpeak S1 is releasing in Fall and will retail around $9,000.00 putting it out of the hobbiest price range, but not to out of place in the professional and industry space. If you want to know more about the product, head Here.

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