Colourpop Brings Out Further Star Wars Makeup Sets!

Did you see our prior coverage of ColourPop‘s Star Wars themed make-up? Check out our article talking about the Mandalorian themed set Here and thier Darth Vader themed set Here. Now in celebration of Star Wars Day this year, they released even more make-up for the Star Wars fans!

ColourPop new licensed collection for Star Wars includes: pressed powder palette, crème lux lipstick, lux lip gloss, graphix ink liner, and jelly much shadow.

  • Star War Pressed Powder Palette Tones inspired by the classic Star Wars movies. Go from light to dark with a mix of blues, silver, gold, and reds with a collection of additional neutrals.
  • Dark Lord, Surrender & Supreme Ruler Crème Lux Lipstick All dark and a turn to the dark side, these creamy lipsticks will take your lips from nude to a deep red depending on your corruption within the force.
  • Elite & Imperial Lux Lip Gloss Imperial with a more red tone, and Elite with a blueish tone to show your connection to the force, these gloss will give your lips an extra shimmer and shine.
  • Lightsaber & Kyber Crystal Graphix Ink Liner Lightsaber in bronze and Kyber Crystal in blue, this liner can help creat sleek and sharp lines.
  • Protcol & Astromech Jelly Much Shadow ColourPop’s innovative jelly formula used to deliver shadow with a metallic finish.
  • These items are great for the makeup loving Star Wars fan in your life! Pick up the items from this collection that you want now on ColourPop.

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