SUPER73 Gives New Options To Get You E-Riding

With 2022 being a year to final return out to the world, SUPER73 is giving all of their models new finishes to allow for a fresh new look.

Here are some of the model’s new colors:

SUPER73-Z Miami: Powder Gray, Panthro Blue, Sriracha Red, Prickly Pink
SUPER73-ZX: Ron Burgundy, Panthro Blue, Agave Green
SUPER73-S2: Obsidian, Flannel Green, Bone White
SUPER73-R Brooklyn and RX: Obsidian, Blu Tang, Dark Earth

That’s not all though, since outdoor time is family time, SUPER73 is debuting a youth series e-bike so families can enjoy riding time with even their children! This has been a major request for a lot of families. This bike is designed for four through eight year olds and has seats and foot controls with the age group in mind.

People can put in their reservations for the youth series Here by putting down a $100 deposit toward the $995 introductory price.

That’s not all though as they are also releasing a new entry-level model from SUPER73 with their SUPER73-Z Miami.

An evolution of the Z1 model, the Z Miami keeps its lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy frame but upgraded with a convenient removable battery.

Additionally this model also comes with a new motor that gives the option of pedal assist and a Bluetooth connected phone app to change rider settings.

So are you ready to get back out there?

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