YARMS Brings The Umbrellas To Your Shelves

Are you excited for the release of season three of The Umbrella Academy?

As the Hargreeves face off against the alternative timeline Sparrow Academy and the end of the world, once again, you can also be enjoying Mighty Jaxx’s YARMS!

Included in the set release includes Allison, Klaus, and No. 5 in the form of a 7.5″ Vinyl Art Toy. Each of the figures uses the stylistic design from YARMS Studios which focuses on minimalism and clean lines. Each will sell for $199 individually, or you can pick up the whole collection for $597. While there isn’t a price discount for the bundle, the bundle does come with an exclusive display stand.

This limited edition set will go on presale on July 2, 2022 and will be available at Mighty Jaxx. So are you picking up your own?

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