Unboxing The Magic Mill MFD 500 Food Dehydrator

When it comes to food, if you get a lot of it in a short period of time, the question comes up of what do you do with it. We recently came into possession of a ton of Celery and were lost of how we could possibly eat all of it.

That’s when the idea came up of using a food dehydrator to shrink and dry it down, grind it up, and make celery powder to add a kick to a dish. A friend sent us the Magic Mill Compact Food Dehydrator and it did the job.

This comes with five trays that can be rotated to add extra height for larger items, or normally to be more condensed. It equally distributes heat throughout the unit and can range from 95 to 158 degrees and can run up to 24 hours depending on your dehydration needs.

Each rack uses stainless steel grating that makes it easy to scrape clean while the exterior sides are made with BPA-free plastic.

Pick yo your own Magic Mill Food Dehydrator Here!

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