Unboxing The Nooie Pet Feeder and Pet Camera 2K

During CES we connected with a company known as Nooie. This smart home technology specializes in not only creating technology that meets your everyday needs, but also does it with a style and design. They believe that everyday hometech needs to be more than just functional.

Specifically we checked out their Pet Camera 2K and Automatic Pet Feeder.

Nooie sells a myriad of products for outdoor and indoor use, but the Pet Camera 2K is specifically designed for indoor use, requiring direct power from a wall socket. This camera features motion detection, pet recognition, and the ability to communicate and track your pet with pan and tilt controls.

The Automatic Pet Feeder can store quite a bit of food, with two different power options. You can either power the device with a direct power plug into a socket, or if your device is in an inconveinent place, you can power it with D cell batteries.

Not only can you drop food for your pet on the device via a preplanned schedule set up by the mobile phone app, or on the actual device. You can even schedule food to drop throughout the day if it fits your need.

Regardless on how you set up the feeder, or drop the food, this item will help you take good care of your pets.

You can purchase your own Pet Camera 2K Here, and the Automatic Pet Feeder Here.

If you are looking for other devices from Nooie, you can find them Here.

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