Fast And The Furious Ride Coming To Universal Studios Hollywood

Have you been a fan of the Fast And The Furious franchise for a while? Want to live in that world and engage in their antics? Now you can in a safe theme park way!

Universal Studios Hollywood has always allowed fans to connect to the Fast and the Furious films by placing so many cars from the movie on display. First by the tram ride, and then by placing them right outside the Plaza Square. Then they later included a Tokyo Drift interactive experience on the famous Universal Studios Tram.

Now they are taking things to the next level with plans to include a Fast and the Furious based ride at the park. The ride has just started construction and will be taking over the where the Soundstage and Animal show used to be.

The ride will start on the upper lot level, then take them down to the lower level through the roller coaster ride, and then back up to the upper level.

This fast paced, high adrenaline ride will get fans the closest to the world of the Fast and the Furious.

Are you ready to race to the finish?

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