Leave Some Of Yourself Behind With YOV

When you see modern sci-fi movies, you see the concept of AI. What comes to my mind readily is the existence of the Tony Stark recording at the end of Endgame.

There is talk that they will be moving forward with Tony Stark occasionally being used as an AI representation of himself in the Ironheart series, and even potentially in Spider-Man movies. Isn’t science fiction wild? What if I told you that concept isn’t very far from reality.

You, Only Virtual, Inc. has three patents-pending and has created a platform where people can upload and archive their emotional and sentimental persona for the purposes of helping and connecting with their loved ones when they pass away. They are currently working on a beta launching in March which will allow a person to create a circle of five loved ones for the user to interact with. When one of the five passes away, the remaining four would be able to continue interacting with the deceased person’s virtual persona.

They will be starting with text, and voice communications but will eventually lead to 3D representation in the future.

The application is free while the parties build their persona, but once they have completed it, the cost to maintain it within the system will elicit a monthly subscription fee. If you sign up for the beta program you can become a “founder” and be able to lock in a perpetual $1 a month subscription cost.

When you lose someone, you hold onto what ever you can of that person. A great representation of that reminds me of Aaron Paul’s Jesse in Breaking Bad, calling up his deceased girlfriend’s voicemail to hear her voice, or Baron Zemo listening to the recording of his wife over and over again in Civil War.

I’ll admit, I refuse to delete my grandfather’s contact from my phone. I’ve looked at it, I’ve thought about it, but I can’t make myself actually delete it. Lets be honest, that form of attachment isn’t the healthiest, but we are social creatures, and without closure we can cling to any form of connection to replace what we lost.

That’s what You, Only Virtual, Inc. is attempting to help with. Closure, people being able to say goodbye, or be reminded occasionally of their relatives love.

It’s weird, it sounds like science fiction, but it might be just what your loved one needs.

Find out more at You, Only Virtual, Inc., and request an invite to their beta starting on March 1, 2021 Here.

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