Sit, Stand, Stroll, And Coast With Zeen

Wheelchairs and walkers are tools that give mobility, and independence to countless people all over the world, but they are not equalizers. They give people the ability to travel to locations, but not to be able to stand or tall with your friends and family, leaving people feeling disconnected.

A wheelchair and a walker specifically are different tools that don’t really cover the same activity or use. The Zeen isn’t either. This mobility device will spilt the difference between the tools and at the same time replaces a lot of their needs.

It’s creator, Garrett Brown, created the Steadicam that revolutionize the film industry. He partnered with Chris Fawcett to develop the Zeen.

It was Brown’s senior father’s decline in his later years that showed him that walkers an wheelchairs cause struggle and difficulty for the general needs.

The Zeen can transition between being a seated tool, and then easily to a stand-up saddle device. The stand-up saddle setting is designed to be an homage to Baron von Drais’ Draisine from 1815.

The Zeen is lightweight, and folds for easy storage, because ease of use is it’s primary focus. The Zeen’s stand-up mode will help the user encourage a normal walk, stroll or stride. The user can at their own leisure transition between sit and stand without having to exit the tool. Additionally, using technology Brown designed when working with cameras, users up to 250 lbs will feel weightless in the chair.

Zeen will be available for pre-orders Here soon, and they will be demonstrating device at special events and pop-ups around Southern California in fall of 2021.

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