Conner’s Critique: Is It Cake – Season 3

In the times of early COVID a way of confusion fled the Internet when people were becoming obsessed, irked, and dazzled by the “is it cake” meme. It caused a takeover of social media sites like tiktok and Instagram. Hyper-realistic cakes that you would cut into and discover they were not actually coffee makers, pots, and household items but actually cake.

With the growth of such a fascinating online culture, Netflix was quick to jump on it and create the game show “Is It Cake” hosted by Mikey Day. You can check out our prior reviews of the series Here. However, with the third season now airing, we wanted to share our thoughts of the changes and how interesting it is for the show. As always, our review is broken down into story, acting, and overall. Let’s jump on into it.

Story 6/10

The story is a tough one again for reality TV shows because of the fact that it’s not a written show, but I will say that you can apply this easily to the show’s tactics and organization to eliminate and test the mettle of their contestants. With this in mind, this show had a couple interesting tricks up its sleeve this year, doing a double elimination. A second chance elimination contest, and a team-up episode in which the contestants team up to bake before the final episode. It really did help change up the dynamics of the show and worked very well in a season in which not only were all of the bakers probably the most skilled of any prior season, but also the most supportive of each other in any prior season.

Acting 9/10

It’s hard to qualify acting in a category of a reality show/contest show, but I feel like we can talk a little bit about the contestants here and their ability to draw people into the show. Every character on the show was unique and interesting and was able to pull in viewers with their relatable and fun personalities. While some reality shows develop an enemy or a villain, this show was literally filled with bakers who were not only skilled and talented but supportive, uplifting, and friendly to every other contestant. It’s a unique experience to watch a reality show contest and really want everyone to win. It’s so difficult to watch four presenters put up amazing items before the judges and not a thing wrong with their cooking or presentation but just randomly it’s not enough to win the competition.

One of the most impressive things about this show is the ability to like and want to support any one of the contestants and it makes it stand out from other reality TV shows and makes it a unique experience that I can’t wait to come back to for the potentially fourth season of “Is It Cake.”

Overall 7.5/10

At the end of the day this is still a reality TV show. It’s not going to be as fun, dramatic, or engaging as a scripted show for a lot of people, to some degree myself included, but as reality TV shows go this was not only a fun experience, but a heartwarming and engaging adventure of a bunch of chefs just through the course of a competition, becoming good friends with one another, and creating amazing works of arts.

Conner’s Final Thoughts

I spent the majority of this season worried that Grace was going to constantly be eliminated. I loved Grace the entire series through for her ability to be the audience within the show saying things that were in my head out loud as if she was an audience member the entire time. It was so fun and relatable. Shows like these need more people like Grace to be our stand-ins and shout out our thoughts at the host and other contestants on a regular basis.

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