Conner’s Critique: Solar Opposites Season 4

We were given the first 11 episodes of Solar Opposites fourth season, and we jumped at the chance to review it! This show is fun, engaging, and the right kind of adult entertainment that does a great job poking fun at human issues from an outside perspective.

As always we break down our reviews into three categories, Story, Acting, and Overall. So let’s jump in!

Story 8/10

This season of Solar Opposites does do a great job of once again continuing the stories of episodes, and being more then just an episodic jump in when ever you want story. The whole series does a great job rewarding viewers in binging format, as well as eagle eyed viewers with love for past season episodes.

This was probably the most “look back” the series has ever done. Two spoiler I will share, is how excited I was to return to the Wooden City and the now third concurrent world stories of the series, the Silver Cops Saga. It’s great that the show has established itself so much in four seasons that it can literally take a break for two episodes for the season to tell entire different stories only slightly related to the Solar Opposites.

As for the story of the Wall, it was probably the weakest storyline for that section this year, but it was still very enjoyable. I miss the days of Tim and the Duke, but the Bowinians are just unlikeable. It might have to do with them kidnapping Pezlie last season.

Acting 9/10

Dan Stevens is the newest member to the cast, replacing Korvo for the season. A part of my hopes that every season they create a reason to swap the voice of the main character. It would be hilarious, and well done. Outside of that, Stevens does an amazing job not emulating, or copying Korvo, but standing on his own. Even though the voice is nothing like Roiland’s for the role, Stevens does master the frustration, anger, and nervousness of Korvo throughout the season.

It’s done so well, and the swap is so funny, that we didn’t miss Roiland’s signature voice at all.

“…we didn’t miss Roiland’s signature voice at all.”

The rest of the cast does a great job in their roles as always, and it was nice seeing Spencer Grammer join the Wall story, even if it was just a short lived guest spot.

Overall 8.5/10

It’s hard to still say if Solar Opposites can stand on it’s own without Roiland, because I know this season was not devoid of his actions, decisions, and potential writing suggestions. The fact that Spencer Grammer was a guest star this season was likely a direct result of Roiland, and Korvo’s lines were just re-recorded when the stories of grooming, inappropriate actions, and so much started to drop with screenshot receipts.

We will have to look to next season to see if it still has it’s same feel. As for this season though, it definitely did not suffer not having Roiland’s voice attached to it.

Conner’s Final Thoughts

One last little bit of funny, I loved how the show has leaned into the Solar Opposites title this season. With the characters fully refering to Opposites as their last name at this point. It’s pretty hilarious.

If you want to watch the new season, you can do so on Hulu starting on August 14, 2023!

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