Cradlewise Smart Crib Helps Keep Your Baby From Stirring Awake

The first days of being a parent can be hell. The need to constant soft shoeing around the crib, the fear that a snap of a twig would arise your sleeping homunculus.

As the designer of Cradlewise Smart Crib states, if your baby is already crying to alert you they are awake, it’s already to late. So with that in mind, their very own device uses a sensor to track the baby as it sleeps in the crib.

Once the crib notices the baby is stirring, the crib will play soothing music and slightly bounce to lull the baby back to it’s sleep.

The app also allows parents to keep an eye on their child through the night vision camera, and also allows them to share the feed with grandparents or aunts and uncles.

You can’t put a price on a well rested baby, but they can take some of the price off. While the MSRP on the crib will be around $1999, if you pre-order now with $500 down, you will save $500 on the total price, bringing the unit down to $1499. The Smart Crib will ship in May of 2022.

Pre-order your own crib Here!

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