See What You Actually Look Like In Virtual Frames With FittingBox

We’ve covered vision-themed items a lot in the past. The tech to find the proper fit, and style of glasses has really improved over the years, but as virtual experiences increased and virtual viewing rooms increased, the ability for people who need glasses, you know the target audience, to see what they actually look like has been drastically affected.

I mean how can you really know what you look like in glasses if you can’t even see?!?

Well FittingBox has a solution.

FittingBox has worked with many high-end partners to produce AR software for virtual fitting rooms so people can see what they look like in a potential product, but their newest technology is going to solve a very obvious problem in the world of glasses.

Their new DR system, or diminished reality will remove the frames off of the face of the viewers while filling in the negative space with what their face should look like underneath utilizing machine learning. Now that your face looks devoid of your frames, you can see what you look like with your potential purchase, without the blur!

Find out more about the tech at FittingBox!

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