We Checked Out Ellinor Richey’s Newest Work Junkwraith!

Top Shelf Productions, an imprint of IDW Publishing, reached out to us to get our review of their newest graphic novel, from creator Ellinor Richey. Before we dive into the comic, let’s talk about Ellinor. She is a game and comic artist who is living in Sweden and has a flair for the gothic throughout her style.

I’ll be honest her love of Gothic and Ethereal topics really comes together in her newest work “Junkwraith”, so let’s jump into the comic!

Basic Synopsis

The story takes place in an almost technologically advanced, yet somewhat older styled world. It feels like a sci-fi modern-day representation of Steampunk. It’s hard to explain but the world is just fantasy while also modern, while also subtly advanced by their AI personal assistants the JuJu.

Oh, the loveable JuJus. They are part Alexa, part Robodog, all adorable.

In this world though, society has taken a weird stance toward junk. Anything not wanted is cast out into the wastes, and people are not allowed to venture out of the city for fear of danger in the wastes from wraiths. However, when pushed too far by her parents and friends, our hero of the story, Flo, breaks and throws away her new ice skates. The result of which causes the formation of a Junkwraith. Her own personal Junkwraith curses her with a form of dementia that will rob her of her memories.

Now with the help of a forgetful librarian, Flo and her JuJu Frank will have to strike out into the waste to find the solution to her memory loss before she forgets everything.

My Take

The art in this book is beautiful. I will say though that there is a loss in the work being digital, this style of art does better actually being in your hands. I feel like the digital content losses something and it gets a bit hard to follow. That’s very sad too because it’s so beautifully drawn. If you need to go digital, you can always focus really hard, or use a tablet in portrait mode to get the full effect of the work.

I will say the story is very interesting. The story of a girl who is afraid, to be honest with herself, and doesn’t really know what she wants pushes her into a situation where she has to learn what’s really important, and how to actually take risks.

If you like adventure stories, mystical and magical stories, then I highly recommend you check out this book. The story is 282 pages of beautiful and amazingly created art.

It comes out on January 18, 2022, but you can pre-order your copy now on Amazon Here, available in physical or digital formats.

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