PurrSong Brings Cat Tech To CES2022

The health of our cats can be very important, and we make sure they are healthy by keeping their catbox clean, and their water bowl bacteria-free, and their lifestyles active. It can sometimes be hard to manage all of it, but the health of our animals is important for it.

I bring this up because we connected with PurrSong during CES this year, and we fell in love with so much of their products. First and foremost their breakaway cat collar tracker, the LavvieTag, is incredibly lightweight and unlikely to cause any change in your cat’s lifestyle. The second is their amazing automated cat boxes, like the LavvieBot S, which can store liter and clean the machine as needed. The last, and my favorite item is the amazingly Hygenic LavvieWater smart water dispenser.

Check out our walkthrough of all the new products from Purrsong!

You can head to their site Here to find out when the new products become available, or pick up some of the prior items, and make sure to post all those happy cat pictures.

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