CES 2023- Flir Thermal Cameras Are Back For Phones

Back when all the phones were dropping their headphone jacks, starting specifically with Apple, as well as Apple preventing what kind of devices you could connect and gain access to your system through your charging port, companies like Flir were not able to readily attach their thermal cameras to cellphones anymore.

This was a major drawback for the company because consumers could save some money using their phone as a monitor for their thermal camera and not have to buy a larger camera with a built-in digital screen.

That’s why when I saw Flir was back in the mobile phone thermal camera game I had to stop by and see what changes they had made.

The new FLIR ONE Edge Pro connects directly to your phone via Bluetooth only. It does however have a clamp that can be used to secure to your phone so that you can free up your other hand.

When we asked why the major change and they said that this allows them to be somewhat future proof with other devices down-the-line. It’s just a matter of connecting to Bluetooth, so they don’t have to worry anymore about phone’s changing connectors or access points.

If you want to pick up your own FLIR ONE Edge Pro you can do so by heading Here!

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