CES 2023 – Relaxation On The Go With Morphée Zen Pebble

In the past we checked out Morphée and My Little Morphée, from Morphée, you can check out our video for those Here.

Ahead of CES, and ahead of their launch next month, the good people at Morphée sent us their Morphée Zen Pebble to check out.

The Zen Pebble is a device that can fit into the palm of your hand and also conveniently in your pocket. That way you can take it with you for your day-to-day life. Unlike their other devices that focus primarily on being a meditation and sleep tool, the Morphée Zen Pebble focuses on relaxing the user with moments of meditation on the go.

We even got the chance to talk to the one of the owners of the company last CES. You can see the video of that Here.

To keep an eye out for its release, and to preorder when it becomes available, I recommend you head to Morphée’s site Here.

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