CES 2023 – Unboxing The Poly Sync 20’s Desktop Speaker!

We checked out quite a few things from Poly’s rebranded Plantronics branch of HP. Their new line-up of devices are designed to help make office life easier.

During CES we get the chance to check out a product we haven’t had in our hands prior, the Poly Sync 20 USB-A, a powerful desktop speaker.

The device not only boasts a sleek fabric top design, which seems to harken back to the days of old speakers, but a bass support port on the bottom to give you deep notes in your music.

The USB cord is permanently attached to the unit and wrapped around the base with the head stored in a handy little slot for it to be secured.

If you have a modern laptop that doesn’t have any USB-A ports, they do sell this model with a USB-C cord instead. However, when it comes to the speaker, they are exactly identical.

If you wanna pick up your own Poly Sync 20 you can do so Here.

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