Keep Quiet When Important With Skyted

During CES we connected with Skyted, an interesting piece of technology that could change the way a lot of people do business and business related activities out in the open.

When it comes to sensitive information, personal private conversations, and anything you just don’t want the rest of the world to hear, you’re forced to push yourself away from safe locations, isolate yourself from the group, or generally annoy everyone around you if you don’t isolate yourself.

The people at Skyted have taken airplane technology and sound dampening technology and integrated it into a face mask like item that connects via Bluetooth to your device. This allows you to be able to fully communicate with your phone calls while also dampening the discussion inside the mask from being heard around you

It wasn’t the only device showcased at CES for the purposes of muffling sounds, or to provide quiet enjoyment to those around you, but the fact is Skyted’s design is more towards a business executive mentality forcing it to be streamlined and to prevent things akin to corporate espionage.

That’s probably the reason why this device is designed to be used in the general workspace without being flashy or standing out. This is directly opposed to the Mutalk mouthpiece model, and some of the other devices that were designed to look like a tube jetting off your face. Skyted’s model allows for a convenient work environment while also protecting secrets or the well being of employees nearby.

Another good place for this device will most likely be to companies like the NFL who specifically are forced to cover their mouths during games so that other teams can’t elicit lip readers to try to get a sneak peak at their strategy.

Thanks to the acoustic liner from planes, the mask is able to provide from -25 to -40 dB to your words spoken outside of the mask, creating a sound bubble from everyone outside of 50 cm away.

Well these masters simply designed for the workplace, they are also planning on releasing a gamer centric version of it designed to be more stylistic for those that want to catch attention will also being quiet and respectful to their roommates or neighbors. The price point for this mask is aiming to be around $400.

You can find out more about Skyted from their site Here!

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