The Hotel Who Returns To Los Angeles With A Love Story

The Hotel Who returns with thier newest experience, A love Story. The experience will take guests into a magical world were they must work through a cast of characters to be able to free themselves from the hold of the spell. Set within a 1950s styled party, the experience has upgraded to the amazing and historic Biltmore Hotel. Attendance is for people 21 and older. The dress code for the event is set to 1950s costumes and styles.

The experience is set within four acts, and people can purchase a ticket to the exact experience they want.

The first act is a check-in that features hors d’oeuvres and drinks at the Gallery Bar. During the first act attendees will get a chance to enter and engage with the fantasy world of the exerience and meet the cast of characters from the event.

The second act takes place within the penthouse. It’s an immersive theatrical experience in which the attendees will unfortunately be placed under a love spell. It’s a great introduction to the world and rules of the experience.

The third act is a 1950’s engagement party with live music, mystery, and an opportunity to be able to find the ingredients so that you can discover who is behind the spell, and use the combined skill of the attendees to break the spell and free yourself from it’s magic.

A fourth act involves an overnight stay at the Biltmore. While in your private suite, you will have another chance to solve a mystery, and then the next day you can see what your results are with other attendees at a wonderful brunch.

Tickets for the experience break down in three categories:

  • General – Admission to Act 3.
  • Premium – Admission to Act 1 through 3.
  • VIP – Admission to all acts and an overnight stay at the Biltmore.
  • Purchase your tickets for this experience at Fever Here. The experience runs from Friday through Sunday with General tickets costing $50, Premium tickets costing $150, and VIP tickets costing $350. Additional VIP tickets can be stacked for the upgrade fee of $175 for the first and $215 for more past the second.

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