Check Out VisionTek New Products From CES 2023!

During CES we checked out the amazing products from VisionTek that they wanted to show off and bring to the public.

First and foremost are their amazing line-up of USB-C chargers. Starting as a two USB-C port plug with 35-Watts, split between them, and fast charging capable from GaN II technology. The plugs continue up and up to their four port 100-Watt option.

The adapters also include smart technology that focuses on the temperature and overheating, to keep the system and your house safe.

They also have their well-made USB-C and Lightening cables to provide power from the plugs to your devices.

Lastly, they have their brand-new VT-2900 KVM Docking Station provides the amazing technology of KVM switching but updated for the newer USB-C computers. This will allow work-from-home employees to use the same setup for their workspace for business and personal use, without sharing your personal searches with your boss. Space saving two computers with one collection of accessories really makes the most of your home or work office.

The device comes with (4) USB-A, (2) USB-C plugs to peripherals, an Ethernet port, and one HDMI and one Display Port connection.

The only downside about this dock is that it can only manage two monitors, but if that’s all you need, then this is more than enough!

Pick up VisionTek products like these:

  • VT-2900 KVM Docking Station
  • USB-C Power Adapters
  • USB-C Power Cords
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