CES 2024 – SABRE Ups Safety With Smart Pepper Spray

Safety and security are very important these days, and pepper spray alone doesn’t always give the safety we need to make sure we are returned to a place of rest and peace. That’s why we wanted to talk more about Sabre’s new product on display this year at CES!

SABRE creates some of the most impressive and leading products in the field of safety devices and technology. While no one specifically wants anyone to be in harms way, when danger does arise it’s important to be safe. Their natural pepper spray is their bestseller, but they are now increasing a new tracking capability to their device.

The SABRE Smart Pepper Spray bottle will connect to an app on the user’s phone and will allow the users to add contact numbers to the program. Then if the user is forced to use their Smart Pepper Spray, family or friends noted in the app will receive text and call alerts that the user has had to use their pepper spray.

Users can trigger the alert button as well, instead of triggering the spray, to give their contacts notice before the potential conflict further escalates.

Additionally, SABRE Smart Pepper Spray provides real-time geo-tracking. Tracking the user until they mark themselves “Safe” in the SABRE app.

You can even benefite from a SABRE subscription with real-time 24/7 monitoring and notifications sent to law enforcement upon the deployment of pepper spray.

The SABRE Smart Pepper Spray is available now, and can be purchased Here!

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