Comic Con Meta*Pod Launches On Star Wars Day!

We talked about the now released podcast from Los Angeles Comic Con prior, see our article breaking the show down Here, but now the details of the first episode are out, and you can even listen to it!

For the first episode the Comic Con Meta*Pod was able to get a major fan favorite guest, star of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and more importantly Mandalorian star Giancarlo Esposito. Who better to be the guest for their Star Wars Special and first episode of this podcast.

When asked about the launch day for the podcast, Chris DeMoulin the CEO of Comikaze Entertainment, parent company for Los Angeles Comic Con said, “We couldn’t be happier that our podcast has launched on an epic day for the nerd community – May the fourth.”

Future confirmed guests for the podcast will be Donald Faison, Seth Green, Sarah Chalke, and comic book creators Trina Robbins, Peter David, and Jim Krueger.

Comic Con Meta*Pod is available through iHeartPodcast’s network and episodes will drop every Wednesday! Check out thier first episode Here!

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