New Comic Highlights for August 2022

There are a lot of comic books coming out next month, and the last Comics Round Up of the month is dedicated to what is coming out the following month. So here are some of the comics I am looking forward to, that are coming out next coming month!

Sword of Azrael #1
(from DC Comics)
Releasing August 2, 2022
The Angel of St. Dumas returns even though Jean-Paul Valley wants to hang up the mask. When a woman who has a similar past shows up at the monastery he is hiding at, he must down the mantle once more to keep her safe from the assassins hunting her. Written by Dan Watters with art from Nikola Cizmesija.

Edge of Spider-Verse #1 (from Marvel Comics)
Releasing August 3, 2022
If you have loved all the worlds of the Spider-Verse it’s time to head to the final edge will bring back Spider-Man Noir and introduce Spider-Rex… you heard me. Written by Dan Slott, Alex Segura, and Karla Pacheco with art from Mark Bagley.

Ms. Marvel & Wolverine #1 (from Marvel Comics)
Releasing August 3, 2022
In the very beginning, Ms. Marvel had a team-up with Wolverine, but now his help will be needed again when Krakoan security and tech becomes compromised. Written by Jody Houser with art from Ze Carlos.

007 #1 (from Dynamite Comics)
Releasing August 3, 2022
It might be a while before OO7 returns to the screen, but not the action. Bond’s future at MI6 is in jeopardy, but when a former double-o contacts him and then ends up dead, he will have to expose her killers and defeat the shadowy organization of “Myrmidon.” Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art from Marco Finnegan.

Aggretsuko: Out To Lunch #1 (from Oni Press)
Releasing August 3, 2022 (Moved from June 29, 2022)
Do you love Aggretsuko as much as we do? In this story, she and her coworkers go on a company retreat as Aggretsuko is bombarded with the idea of seeking her dreams. Can she make them a reality, or are dreams just dreams? Created by Josh Trujillo with art from Abigail Starling and Josh Trujillo.

What comics are you picking up? Let us know in the comments and we will catch you next week, same Nerd-Time, same Nerd-Channel.

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