Celebrate “Thank You Libraries Day” With Free Comics

April is a big month for libraries, the week of April 4-10 2021 is National Library Week, and April 12, 2021 being Library Workers Day, there is a lot of love in April for Libraries and their staff.

However, today is another Library themed holiday of April, “Thank You Libraries Day!” This holiday has been celebrated for at least four years now, and it’s on this day that we decided that we wanted to take the time specifically to thank Libraries for being a free source for children to have access to Comic Books.

Comic Books are not cheap. You are looking at 24-32 pages of art for 4-8 dollars a pop, it can get a bit pricey, and families without the expendable income might have children that miss out on the youthful enjoyment of colored pages with heroes and villains.

Los Angeles Public Library has solved this problem, for the most part, thanks to the inclusion of Hoopla with every library card. No additional purchase necessary!

Once logged into Hoopla, you have access to lots of content, including Comic Books. You can find the right comic for yourself, or your young ones in their genre breakdowns including genres like:

Action & Adventure · Alternative · Anime · Anthologies
Children’s · Crime · Drama ·Dystopian
Fantasy · Fiction · Historical · Horror
Humorous · LGBTQ+ · Literary · Manga
Martial Arts · Media Tie-In · Mystery · Nonfiction
Political · Religious · Romance · Sci-Fi
Sports · Superhero · Teen · War

And their collections don’t just include the obscure, independent, or low-cost comic books, as they have works from major companies like Marvel and DC as well.

If you are looking for a way to help your child get access to more books, then Hoopla is the way to go!

Thank you libraries!

If you want to give back to your local Los Angeles Public Library, find out how you can volunteer, and become a friend of the library Here.

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