Are You Ready To Watch Funimation On Crunchyroll?!?

Having a lot of streaming options can be frustrating. For those not wanting to spend over 50 bucks a month to be able to watch all your favorite series, it can be budget-crushing. Now thanks to the merger of content from Funimation onto Crunchyroll’s service fans won’t have to choose between either but can enjoy both catalogs in one place. The largest library for anime subscriptions.

We’ve shared about Crunchyroll in the past, see that Here.

Now viewers will be able to enjoy over 1600 Hours added to their prior 16,000 hours of content. Also, joining the library is over 50 new titles added to the streaming service. Usually, however, when a streaming company adds content, pricing changes, but this time pricing will be left unaffected (at this time) at Crunchyroll, with the costs remaining at plans ranging from $7.99 to $14.99.

If you are already an existing subscriber of Funimation service, then you can learn about what to do with the soon to be gone service Here!

What series are you excited to watch on Crunchyroll?

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