Glendale And Pasadena Public Libraries Add Link+ To Their Online Options

Last month we talked about Glendale and Pasadena’s changes to their Public Library E-Reading options, find that article Here, but this month they added one more option for physical books!

Link+ is Glendale Library, Arts & Culture new book sharing service for their library cardholders. The service connects to over 70 public, academic, law, theology, and art libraries throughout California, Nevada, and of course including Glendale Library, Arts & Culture’s collection.

How will you use Link+? Well, when you search their catalog Here, normally you are told if Glendale Library, Arts & Culture has the book, or if it’s available on their online services, however, if they don’t have the book, a Link+ button will appear on the right side of the search. If you click on the option it will take you to the larger search and you can see which Libraries within the group has the book if you REALLY NEED IT!

Never miss that hard to find a book these days!

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