Glendale Public Library Is Bringing Options For Kids This Summer

It’s officially Summer. Kids want to go outside, but it’s not the safest option at this time. Glendale Public Library wants to give you and your children some options to help pass the time until public gatherings are safe again.

Kids can win prizes, through Beanstack, by tracking and submitting their reading over the summer. Head over now and register so you and your family can take advantage of this program!

Register for Beanstack Here!

Virtual Escape Room

It’s hard for small businesses to open, and you are less likely to associate in larger groups of people, but the people at Glendale YA services have created a teen-centric escape room for people looking for an escape.

Play the virtual escape room Here!

ABCmouse Children Games

ABCmouse is a site that had learning games for children ages 2 through 8, focusing on reading, math, science, health, social studies, art, and music. This is the site for you, if you are interested in games and puzzles, that can secretly teach your child who only wants to play games.

Help your child play some educational games Here!


Creativebug offers many video classes dedicated to teaching arts and crafts. The videos vary in difficulty, and can range in the audience you are using them for. If you are looking for fun activities for your children, that isn’t specifically just learning, or video games, then this is an awesome option for parents!

If you are looking for some crafts for your children, then head Here to learn some awesome projects.

Well hope those give you and your kids some options for the next few months.

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