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Welcome back, Readers!

This month we’re taking on the second in a series: The adventures of The Boss, Ursa Minor and their various sisters and friends in the super-hero themed Lit RPG book, Fluff 2. I’d already read and Spotlighted the first in the series Here and you should definitely check out the first in this series before moving on to the second.

Of course, spoilers for Fluff’s first book are inevitable! You have been warned!

A quick refresher: Emily Wright’s world is one you could liken to a video game or tabletop RPG. A few lucky people each year are granted powers on what is known as Power Day. These powers come with stats, an alignment that is chosen seemingly at random and a range of purchasable upgrades and quests. You might be a died in the wool puppy-kicker and the system decides you’re a Do-Gooder. You might volunteer at the soup kitchen on a constant basis and be told you’re a Villain. There’s a range of alignments that go from Paragon through to Super Villain and beyond, and you can be randomly selected to fit into any of these categories.

Emily was branded a Villain despite being a shy and fairly nice person and given the skill Sister Summoning. This skill allowed her to summon Teddy (A werebear.) Athena (A very smart girl with owl powers.) and Trinity (Who is technically one person in three raccoon themed bodies.) Despite Emily’s best efforts to move her ranking more towards hero than villain… the world is a complicated place and she’s not finding it as easy as she’d hoped.

So, order in some pizza, maybe snag a box of donuts and let’s catch up with the Wright sisters!

Book Stats

Basic Premise

So, as I stated in the preamble, Emily has a gaggle of summons to take care of. She can’t dismiss them; they’re permanent fixtures in her life, meaning they have to be housed, fed, clothed and educated. The last book ended on a bit of a cliff-hanger as Emily’s mom shows up to check on how Emily’s college life is going!

I immediately enjoyed the fact that, even though it was a difficult choice to make, she brings her Mom in on a fair amount of the crazy stuff that’s going on for her. There’s no drive to hide this new aspect of her life from her family, which is pretty refreshing!

Emily’s rag-tag group of animal themed sisters has also garnered the attention of one of the more sociable students at the College Emily attends. Sam is a psych major who has figured out Emily’s secret life as a villain and… she wants in. It will make for an incredible paper! Plus, she DOES have a car. Getting places will be a lot easier with reliable transport.

And getting places is now a priority. After having, essentially, taken over the territory run by a villain named Cement, Emily needs to get to some of the businesses he used to extort for protection money. She wants that money as well (Because feeding 5 pre-teen girls is an expensive thing to have to do.) but she wants to be a lot gentler about it. As it turns out, Cement did a lot of good for the community he was being paid by and Emily decides to step up and do the same, if not better.

During their adventures, they discover Cement’s old base under the city and take it over, as well as meet a new potential ally in Fabian the Fabulous – a villain with precognitive powers. The Boss’s gang is definitely gaining some notoriety… which in a world of super powers and shady organizations can be just as much a curse as it is a blessing…

What do I mean by that? Well. You’ll need to read it to find out!

My Take

I loved the first Fluff book. I also very much enjoyed this one, though, it was a little less focused and had a lot more elements introduced. Some of these pay off, some don’t yet but I’m assuming they will in book 3. Ravensdagger has a great way of taking ideas that seem disparate at first and then tying them together neatly, especially in terms of the powers she gives her characters. There’s a point where the Boss and all her sisters are working together in harmony, using the seemingly random assortment of powers each of her sisters has to execute a pretty great plan and it had me internally cheering… you know that scene in the first Avengers movie where the camera sort of pans around the full cast in the middle of a war-torn New York? It was like that but with a communist were-bear, hyperactive raccoon triplets who laugh at death, a scary owl girl and a cripplingly shy gadgeteer beaver.

Maple is the beaver. She’s the newest sister and my favorite. (She made a toast cannon. So…)

Emma Galvin’s narration is, again, fantastic. Each of Emily’s sisters has their own tone and inflection and all are easily recognizable from that alone.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing where this adventure goes next!

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