Its Always … Returning To Sunny Philadelphia Tomorrow

We were lucky enough to get invited to the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia sneak peak tonight at the Bruin in Westwood Village right outside of UCLA in Los Angeles, California.

The theater was filled with die hard fans, but over half the theater was filled with staff or actors of the show.

The head of programing introduced Rob McElhenney. Rob came up to sounds of catchphrases from the fans. Rob talked about the pain of Glenn Howerton. Then made a point of saying that they couldnt do the show without him… then pointed out in the theater.

After the introductions of the cast and crew with nods to Glenn, they aired the first two episodes, and boy howdy.

If you are a hardcore fan of the series, it is filled with references and is amazingly hilarious. Of you are a new viewer it can be a little flat as it does relay a lot on those references.

Without bringing to many spoilers, the first episode is hilarious and a mile a minute with the most insane ending climax.

The second episode was a little more heavy handed dealing with issues that may trigger some emotional response, however had the most sensitive and uplifting ending of any of their episodes.

Make sure to watch the new episodes tomorrow night!

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