Make Houseplants Easier With ELIoT!

Green living is a huge thing in modern life as indoor plants makes a resurgence. As a result companies like GardenStuff has been quite successful at creating products that helps their customers connecting their living spaces with plants.

Their newest product ELIoT is an AI multi-sensor device that rests on a wall of a home. It allows not only a great and appeasing addition to your home, but allows a pleasant plant to the customer’s home or workspaces.

Plants provide oxygen and help maintain temperature and humidity within spaces, what better a way to help keep your home hospitable. But maintaining plants is not a skill that everyone has.

This is because plants are not ideal for in home locations, to help overcome that ELIoT analyzes the home or workspace and helps you find the right plant for your home. Since the suggestions are based on your home, your less likely to see the plant die, or need to be replaced.

Once you have your plants set up in the ELIoT, it will analyzes the environmental and update the app every 6 minutes. Then their artificial intelligent software will make suggestions and help make sure you keep your plants alive!

While the ELIoT is battery powered, it’s rechargeable battery can last 6 months without needing to be recharged.

ELIoT is made in Italy, and currently comes in many forms from their normal color options to more exotic designs like Birch, bark, and Stone.

For a little over $150, you can get the early bird option of the ELIoT, but it won’t be available for long!

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