Legion M Is Once Again Bringing Film Scout To Sundance

It’s a new year, and Legion M wants your help to find the next great film for Legion M to bring to the rest of the world.

Sundance runs until January 30th. Sundance Film Festival virtual tickets are still available with single tickets available for $20 for a single film, not to much unlike going to a theater. Get your tickets here!

Legion M Film Scout went virtual last year with it’s app, and this year they want you to come back and help them again!

In the past Legion M picked up Save Yourself and Memory: The Origins of Alien. If you want to help Legion M pick their Sundance film, then you should know you can with their app!

You can register for the Film Scout program Here, and download the app on Apple or on Android.

Rate, Review, and Evaluate any film from the festival will create a watchlist and help the company know what’s important to their fans and members.

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