Beauty Of Maui 2022 – Baldwin House Museum

While this year we are stopping by Maui a bit earlier, we thought it might be a good idea to take advantage of some newer options to match our regular haunts. While we spend so much time around the Banyan Court of Lahaina, right around this area there are a lot of cool options. From shaved ice to lobster grilled cheese sandwiches.

During our recent stop in Maui, we decided to finally stop by and check out the Baldwin House Museum right across the street from the Banyan Court. We particularly decided to participate in the Candlelight tour of the house.

If you want to visit the Baldwin House Museum and take the Candlelight tour, it only occurs on Fridays. So if you want to enjoy this experience you should make sure you are on the island around a Friday. Additionally the Baldwin House Candlelight Tour only starts at 5:00 PM. We went at 5, and it wasn’t dark enough to warrant candles, so if you want the full effect, go later in the night!

The guided tour takes you through the house explaining the history, who has lived there, where the original furniture came from. They even discuss the use of the rooms through history.

Very interesting fact was that the Baldwin family accidentally brought mosquitoes to the island.

If you’ve never toured the Baldwin House before, are looking for something fun and family-friendly, but also educational, we highly recommend you stop by the Museum.

Make sure to schedule your tour well in advance, as most activities of the island require getting your tickets days before the events. If you fail to get your tickets in advance, you might end up out of luck!

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