Unboxing The Zojirushi Micron Toaster Oven

We’ve covered quite a few of Zojirushi products now on the site including a couple of their amazing double-walled insulated mugs. However, the good people at the company decided it was time to send us something a little bit bigger! That’s right we are checking out the Zojirushi Micron Toaster Oven!

This bad boy can do pretty much anything an oven or microwave can do in your kitchen. It’s able to make pizza, toast bread, heat up your food, and even baked cookies.

The thing about this appliance is that it’s not just a smart device, but also beautiful. The design of the exterior with reflective glass and sleek style creates a unique profile for your countertop.

Included with the toaster oven is three different baking tray options. A mesh tray specifically designed for toasting, cookie sheets for baking, and a griddle pan for use with meats and other similar dishes.

This toaster even comes with a thick manual that guides you through using the device, while also giving suggestions and recipes for how to make a myriad of dishes with just this toaster.

If you want to pick up your own toaster oven do so Here!

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