Beauty Of Maui 2022 – Down The Hatch

For several years, every time we come to Maui we stop by Lahaina. Every time we stop by Lahaina we stop by Down The Hatch.

This fantastic restaurant set at the bottom of stairs in the Wharf Cinema Center may appear to not be much to the naked eye, but a passerby might not know that this great local counter houses amazing flavor. It’s not just good food though, as they have also created a fun and amazing opportunities and fun for tourists and native Hawaiians alike.

We go on and on about the amazing food at this establishment, as we’ve done just that every year that we’ve attended, and that can be found Here and Here. If you can indulge us though, we will be sharing a picture of our food from our visit below, because it’s too beautiful not to.

Every day during the week there is live music played in the morning and a different artist playing during their happy hour which takes place every day between 3 and 5 p.m.. In the evenings they have DJ’ing and dancing and some nights even have karaoke and Trivia.

This little Courtyard in front of Down The Hatch in the Cinema Wharf has become such a fun and bouncing spot for locals and tourists alike with plenty of things to do amazing food and great drinks.

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