Beauty of Maui 2022 – Snorkel Molokini With Seafire Charters

Thanks to it being declared a nature reserve, the island of Molokini is the perfect safe haven for sea life. As a result of that it is teaming with fish of all types and colors. So many companies offer a journey to Molokini for snorkeling or scuba diving.

When we travel to Molokini we’ve used several companies, but in the past the one company that we keep coming back to is Seafire Charters. This amazing boat company launches from Kihei’s Boat Ramp. Right around the corner from Turtletown.

They regularly launch their boat during the tourist season, giving people the opportunity to join their excursions. You can travel with yourself or family, or book the whole boat for your group.

Like most companies, the snorkel and flippers are provided by Seafire Charters. The thing that really sets Seafire apart from all the other companies, in our opinion, is not only their know-how of fish and the area, but also their team’s friendliness and attentiveness to their customers’ needs.

A friendly reminder, it is customary to tip your boat staff, and they really appreciate it!

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