Nerd Out – February 2023

New year, new fun! See what events you can take advantage of this February as a new year with new possibilities abound!

Check out our list down below!

Blockbuster Pop-Up Bar Starting from November 19th through February 19th.

A Blockbuster themed speakeasy is coming to Los Angeles for a limited time. If you miss the days of the video giant, you can remember your times looking for the perfect film, before the days of streaming ruined the experience.

The experience is $45 a person but includes two throwback cocktails to enjoy! you can purchase your tickets for the event Here. You can also see our announcement article Here to find out more about the event. In addition, starting later this month, they will be hosting a brunch.

Stranger Things Experience In Los Angeles Through March 26th 2023.

Do you wish you could have powers like Eleven? Want to take on a Demidog? Face down Vecna? Now the Stranger Things Experience gives fans that chance! Additionally after experiencing the fun you can slide into the Mix Tape, a party place that is a slice of the 80s in Los Angeles. Purchase your themed items, pound a themed cocktail, or patronage Surfer Boy Pizza and Scoops Ahoy!

Tickets start at $49. Pick up your tickets Here but hurry they regularly sell out!

Which events are you gonna head to? Let us know in the comments down below.

Astra Lumina: An Enchanted Night Walk Amongst The Stars Available through March 19th 2023.

An enchanted nighttime walk through the South Coast Botanic Garden starting at 6:00 p.m. each day it’s open. The experience is more then a walk as it includes additional lustrous lights, cosmic visions, and an astral song.

Tickets start at $29 for adults and $20 for children 4-12, with under four free. Parking is also available for sale, and $20 for on-site and $8 for off-site with shuttle. Pick up your tickets Here!

CONTACT: A Multi-Sensory Journey Celebrating Daft Punk Available February 16th 2023 through February 18th 2023.

A multisensory dance party inspired by the duo Daft Punk. More than just music though as it takes the people in attendance through a journey lead by two DJ robots.

Tickets start at $54 but you can pick up a VIP ticket for $110 which includes food, a drink and a private lounge. Get your tickets to the party Here.

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