CES 2023 – Black & Decker Continue Kitchen Wand Line-Up

We love our Kitchen Wand by Black & Decker. The cool tool-case like design matches perfectly to its interchangeable head. It allows users to have multiple tools, with only one power base.

We’ve purchased all the prior sets, but while at CES we saw that Black & Decker is still continuing to support this product and provide future additions to its collection.

The newest adaptors? A stand mixer head specifically designed for optimal airflow to whatever you are mixing, and a chop processor that comes with a measuring cup built in. It even features a pour spout into the cup so you can mix oils into your items.

This is great for creating pesto and other type spreads.

While this product is not available yet, it will be released later this year. You can still pick up the current model of the Black & Decker Kitchen Wand Here.

If you want to see our unboxing of the Kitchen Wand, you can see that Here.

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