Nerd Taste of Hawaii: The City of Lahaina

When ever you head to Maui, you can’t possibly visit it without visiting Lahaina.

Lahaina is such a pretty city, and usually a favorite of any Hawaii tourist. From it’s shore dining, laid back lifestyle, mix in an outlet mall, all the way to some of the best little shops a tourist can dream of.

It optimizes tourist trap, but in a good way. For most visiting Lahaina, it’s pretty much one road in taking you along the west side of the island. Full of beautiful small unassuming beaches, and side of the road stalls.

Through Olowalu, you can stop by Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop, but we usually stop by their neighbors, the Olowalu Juice Stand. At that Juice Stand you can find fresh fruits and vegetables. One of the cooler options though is a ice chilled coconut that is cut open so you can drink. Then they’ll even carve the coconut out so you can eat it with a quick motion. Another of our favorites from the Olowalu Juice Stand, is their Juice Truck, that will core a pineapple, blend it into a drink, and pour it right back into that pineapple for you to drink. Both the coconut and pineapple drink are $10 bucks each (at the time of this posting).

However when we head into Lahaina, it’s pretty much for three things.

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  • If you aren’t feeling peckish though, you can always head to the docks and take up some amazing boat travels to other islands, submarines, parasailing, and more!

    Want a good photo-op to show that you were in Lahaina? Then you can head to front street, between Dickenson Street and Lahainaluna Road.

    It’s in this place that the sidewalk is so close to the ocean, that you may get sprayed by crashing waves!

    Our last Photo-op suggestion is the Banyan Tree Court on Front street, between Hotel Street and Canal Street.

    This is a Lahaina must, as the tree makes everyone feels small, as it’s intertwined with so many other trunks forming one big tree. Around the corner in the court though is the Old Fort, and locals will tend to set up shop selling wares in or around the court.

    So if you are in Maui, make sure you stop by Lahaina!

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