Nerd Taste of Hawaii: Surfing Goat Dairy

We are in Hawaii for some relaxation following the crazy hustle of San Diego Comic Con, and we thought it might be a nice idea to cover some of the awesome, and totally nerdy and smart companies out here that provide a unique experience.

The first of those will be The Surfing Goat Dairy. The Surfing Goat is a quaint little goat farm on Omaopio Road in Kula. They offer many opportunities in the form of three tours, a petting zoo, gift shop, and a cafe-esc experience.

Lets start with the tours though!

The best of the tours is the Grand Dairy Tour. The tour takes on average two and a half hours.

During the tour though, guests will experience the goat farm to the fullest. They will learn about the history of the farm, how to milk a goat by hand, herd the goats, and watch the cheese making process. It’s a full soup to nuts experience, and no goat cheese farm experience would be complete without sampling the goods.

At the end of the tour, the guide will serve over 20 different forms of Surfing Goat’s own goat cheeses. They will serve the goat cheeses with a multitude of accessories to really bring out the flavor as well.

$49 for adults 12 and up, and $39 for children 3-11. Children under 3 are presumed free.

The next step down in the tours is the Evening Milking Tour. This tour takes on average an hour.

During the tour, the guests will assist in the day to day events of the farm. Feeding the goats, and working the milking process while hearing about the farm’s history. Guests will be able to try goat milk, and have a small sample of the dairy’s goat cheeses at the end.

Attendees of this tour will not only get a better understanding of where Goat Cheese comes from, but will get a ribbon that says, “I Milked a Goat Today”.

$20 for adults 12 and up, and $15 for children 3-11. Children under 3 are presumed free.

The basic of all the tours, but great for beginners is the Casual Tour. This tour only takes a half hour.

The Casual Tour is primarily a simple tour, where you walk the dairy and farm, meeting the goats, and getting a quick look at the equipment, and facilities. At the very end, you get a small tasting of some of the cheeses made at the dairy.

$12 for adults 12 and up, and $8 for children 3-11. Children under 3 are presumed free.

If these tours are interesting to you, click on their names, and book them online now, so when you arrive you don’t get turned away.

Within the Gift Shop, you can buy the normal swag, but also goat cheese themed items, from chocolate truffles, the actual goat cheese themselves. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Rolling Green – Made with delicious fresh garlic chives.
  • Men’s Challenge – Made spicy with horseradish.
  • O Solé Mio – Chocked full of sun dried tomatoes.
  • Garden Fantasia – Tons of fresh garden herbs.
  • Ivory Coast – Full of fresh cracked black Tellicherry peppercorns.
  • Udderly Delicious – A Plain but salted Goat Cheese.
  • Olé! – Flavored with jalapeños, artichokes, lime juice, and cilantro.
  • They also have additional food prepared with their cheeses. If you aren’t hungry, I bet your kids are… Goat kids. Buy goat feed for two dollars a bag, and feed the goats in the petting zoo!

    If you are looking for something interesting to do with the family, or if you are just a big fan of goat cheese, then visit the Surfing Goat Dairy at 3651 Omaopio Road, Kula, HI 96790.

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