Blockbuster Pop-Up Bar Comes To Los Angeles

With the new series launching on Netflix, a lot of people are being reminded of the hayday of renting videos at Blockbuster, but now you can take it to the next level with an immersive Blockbuster Pop-Up Bar which is coming to Los Angeles later this month!

This experience was created thanks to a partnership between Bucket Listers and New Gold Empire are make possible thanks to a license from Blockbuster, LLC.

The experience is more then just drinks though, as the racks of DVD’s return and you can check out the aisles of the pop-up as if you were looking for the next best film for your date night.

In this experience though, the movies are the drink recipes, which you can select and bring up to the bartenders to make. There are still tons of popcorn and candy options as well.

Tickets for the event are $45 a person, but the ticket includes two (2) throwback cocktails themed for the location and experience.

Additionally, in December the experience is planning on opening a brunch option on Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets for brunch will be $55 per person and the ticket will include an entree and a cocktail.

Blockbuster Pop Up Bar
7174 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Pick up your tickets for the event Here and don’t forget… Be kind, rewind.

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