Shaqtoberfest Arrives At The Queen Mary!

In the spot that used to house Dark Harbor, Shaqtoberfest has moved in and created a unique experience for families of younger and older children.

This event has everything a family will need to keep their children entertained during this Halloween season. Designed to be more centered around young children during the earlier hours, the park is filled with costumed workers that hand out candy to children, family-friendly mazes that are designed to entertain and stimulate the mind of kids 5-12 years old.

Once the sun sets, the park gets closer to Witching Hour, a term that at Shaqtoberfest means that the monsters are unleashed. When we attended, that time was 8:00 p.m., but it may vary by day, so keep that in mind when planning your tickets this holiday season.

Once the monsters are out, they will start to jump out at and scare the attendees. This is when the event is more for younger teenagers. It’s not super scary, but people jumping out in the dark, and the subject matter of the now unleashed gore of the more adult mazes.

With lots of fun haunted mazes, amusement park rides available for an upcharge, and food and drink options available throughout the experience, there is a lot to do for the whole family.

Check out our video down below!

Tickets are still available for Shaqtoberfest and can be purchased Here!

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