See Us Experience Squid Game: The Trials

Squid Game is on a lot of people’s minds right now. Fans eagerly await the second season. While people are also enjoying the Reality TV show Squid Game: The Challenge that Netflix just released, a lot of people have been thinking about their own standing if they had been choosen to compete.

Now if you live in Los Angeles you can see if you have what it takes.

Squid Game: The Trials is open and available for contestants with modified games from the world of Squid Game. Running multiple sessions throughout the day, the experience puts players against other players in at least five challenges to see who’ll come out on top.

Challenges include Glass Bridge a.k.a. Memory, Gganbu a.k.a. Marbles, Harvest Festival a.k.a. Life-Size Operation, Warships a.k.a. Life-Size Battleship, and lastly Red Light – Green Light. Unlike the show though, if you fail any of the challenges leading up to Red Light – Green Light, you’re still in the game. Red Light – Green Light however is an elimination game, so if you fail this one you are out of the final challenge.

The final challenge of the game is Egg and Spoon. Players must keep their egg on their spoon as other players attempt to knock it off. While the entirety of the experience has a rule of no contact between players. Players are allowed to touch and hit the spoons of other players.

Just outside of the experience is the Korean inspired Night Market. Players can take pictures in photo booths, play claw games to win prizes, purchase exclusive merchandise for Squid Game that can only be found at the experience, and have drinks and food either before or after your game.

For those who have completed the experience and opted for VIP tickets, there is a VIP lounge in which attendees can experience a unique cocktail within the lounge, sit back and relax, and even observe more competitors as they run through the experience.

Parking is pre-purchased before you arrive at the location, but if you purchase VIP tickets, parking is included with your experience.

If you’re a fan of Squid Game, this is your chance to see how you stack-up. Purchase your tickets for the experience Here.

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