All New Stranger Things Experience Comes To Montebello California!

A portal has opened up to the Upside-Down in Montebello, California. It’s your chance to show off how you would handle yourself in Stranger Things!

It starts off as an innocent Sleep Study, due to the recent events in Hawkings causing the town to have restless nights. It ends in a thrilling adventure when Dusty and his friends need your help to rescue Eleven and Max from the Upside-Down.

You’ll have to learn how to master and channel your powers as you make your way through the Hawkins Laboratory, facing Demodogs and even an actual couple of Demogorgons along the way.

Your prize for surviving the journey is a night of fun in the Mixtape. The Mixtape is a fun mall like environment set in the world of 80’s Hawkins. It’s a space is filled with your favorite in world venues, even including the recently opened Surfer Boy Pizza!

Pick up a specialty cocktail (in a collectible cup), a Scoops Ahoy sunday, or even a jalapeno-pineapple pizza (Don’t knock it till you try it), all in one convenient location.

The space also hosts a mini-arcade, plenty of amazing photo-ops with a demagorgon, Vecna, and Joyce’s living room.

For those not into photo-ops, there’s plenty of amazing swag for purchase at the location as well as a bevy of actors portraying the citizens of Hawkins. Deal with some teenage drama, an intrepid reporter, or just some friendly cheerleaders.

Tickets for this experience is live now and can be purchased Here!

Hope to see you in the Upside-Down!

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