Jeremiah Checks Out San Diego Spirits Festival 2023

We stopped by San Diego Spirits Festival, a fun and exciting experience that has been going on for 14 years. We were excited to check out this year’s presence!

Overall it’s a great experience. During the festival you are able to try a variety of spirits from different local based San Diego vendors.

The variety of spirits was amazing, flavored spirits allow people to try the original version of them, and then the flavored version for comparison. Then cocktails were also available and offered. These cocktails further highlighted the spirits in simple and accessible ways.

For traditionalists, don’t worry they still had old fashioned cocktails.

The event also showcased Ready To Drink options and non-seltzer cocktails. The Ready To Drink vendors showcased their prowess in their flavors, variety, and consistency. I personally prefer the non-seltzer varieties.

The entertainment at the event matched the style of vendors and spirits of the event.

Uncle Nearest was also on site. Uncle Nearest is a brand that tries to right the unappreciation of Uncle Nearest, the mentor, and slave, Nathan Green, that taught a young Jack Daniels. For the experience, they created an interactive chance to win some Uncle Nearest to take home. Their game was an eight foot long uphill putting green where people could show off their skill and prowess.

At the location, on top of spirits, were four food vendors showcasing some of their menu in snack form. My favorite option was the nearby modern Asian cuisine restaurant Cherrywine. Thank goodness for the food though, because it helped counter all that alcohol!

All in all each vendor gave out a nice sample of their products. Variety was abundant, and there was so many spirits. I would definitely recommend you check out their event next year!

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