Unboxing The Cyber Acoustics DS-1000 Computer Hub

Computers and laptops are getting smaller and smaller, with a lot less plugs. That’s why on the go and at the office you are going to need a Computer Hub to give you access back to those much-needed ports and plugs. The DS-1000 from Cyber Acoustics does just that with its wide collection of ports.

The device brings with it (5) USB-A slots, (1) USB-C Slot, (1) Ethernet port, and (2) HDMI outputs. This is really important because a lot of these devices give one HDMI and one Displayport, so if you don’t run with Displayport, then this is a good option. Additionally, the device connects to modern computers with USB-C and has a dedicated power supply.

With the traditional K Lock Slot, you can also lock down your hub on your desk, so you won’t have to worry about it going missing thanks to your shifty co-workers (We are kidding, they are only slightly shifty).

Pick up your own Cyber Acoustics DS-1000 Computer Hub Here!

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