Unboxing The Drop BMR1 Nearfield Monitors

We’re actually huge fans of drop, their keyboards and accessories are really awesome and showcase love for tech and design that only a nerd could have.

In the past, we’ve checked out a couple of their Lord of the Rings licensed keyboards, see those Here and Here, but now we are here to check out their brand new desktop Nearfield Monitors.

These monitors sound awesome and do a great job, filling your space with sound that is crisp and clear. Whether it be hearing music while you’re working, white noise to keep you active, or entertainment while you’re on your break, these speakers are more than capable of producing great quality sounds. They also are nice to look at on your desk and workspace.

What are the things we really love about these Monitors? It’s their easily removable magnetic screens. You can even pick up multiple different colored screens swap them as you please. Change the style of your desk’s monitors everyday, as you wish.

We can only hope that Drop will partner with Lord of the Rings to once again create a unique item for the BMR1 Monitors and allow users to fill their space with even more awesome designs.

If you’re looking for more ways to increase the quality and style of your desktop, check out our prior article, Here, covering Drops inclusion of battlestation setups and how to get the most out of your space.

Pick up your own set Here!

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